What started as a recruitment drive by onelogin, has quickly become a gender equality campaign led with the hashtag #iLookLikeAnEngineer.

10 Aug 2015
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Helen Morgan

An article penned by female full-stack engineer, Isis Anchalee has challenged gender stereotypes in the technology industry in a way that has never been seen before.

In the article, Anchalee states that “most people are well intentioned but genuinely blind to a lot of the crap that those who do not identify as male have to deal with.” She goes on to describe a couple of her own experiences including a male colleague throwing dollar bills at her in the office, during office hours describing him as a “socially-accepted, ‘smart’ and ‘normal’ guy” but clearly saying there is a “significant lack of empathy and insight towards recognising that their ‘playful/harmless’ behaviour is responsible for making others inappropriately uncomfortable.”

Off the back of her article and the sheer amount of publicity she has received over the past week, Anchalee has created the hashtag #iLookLikeAnEngineer to spread the awareness, increase diversity in the technology industry and “help us redefine ‘what an engineer should look like’.

Here at Quba, we’re proud that we do not conform to gender stereotypes and that females make up 30% of our workforce, well over the average for the industry most recently reported by STEM as being 12%, and the same ratio reported by tech giants including Google and Facebook. However, we’re not content that females still make up the minority of our employees, therefore we are striving towards ensuring that genders are represented equally in our company.

Below is a picture of two of our enterprise software engineers, Sophie and Laura, that was shared on our social media platforms last week. Sophie and Laura join female project managers, UX designers, account managers, analysts (and more!) as part of the Quba family all of whom play pivotal roles in the day to day life at the agency.



The public’s response to the initial #iLookLikeAnEngineer image and the subsequent ‘campaign’ has been astonishing, with many women posting pictures of themselves with a description of their interests and what they do, proving that there is no mould for people working in the science, technology, engineering and associated industries.