Digital PR: Are you doing it right?

Are you struggling to achieve online coverage or failing to see a return from conventional PR? Our content marketing experts can help.

This blog post is to support our recent webinar entitled Digital PR: Are you doing it right? 

You can watch the webinar below:

The ever changing landscape of Digital PR means it will be increasingly vital to keep up with new trends and develop a process that succeeds more than it fails. There are lots of components to a Digital PR campaign, and they all need aligning before you achieve that elusive coverage.

In this webinar we take you through how to use research to come up with educated content ideas that online publishers will love. A great idea also deserves an innovative execution so we will be giving you some pointers on how to create eye catching content that has enough depth to be newsworthy. 


With so much competition for coverage your approach to outreach and promotion will need to be spot on so we will run through how to craft a successful outreach strategy. Finally we will be tackling the argument of digital PR vs traditional PR and how measure and report on your digital campaigns.

15 Apr

Luke Cope
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