Quba as a Headline Sponsor for the “Disruptors North” Conference

Last week Quba had the pleasure of sponsoring the “Disruptors North” conference, showcasing pioneering companies in the North of England that are leveraging technology to fuel change, alongside experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs sharing their thoughts on digital disruption.

26 Oct 2021
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Disruptors North

Matt Jones - Marketing Director

It is an interesting time to be discussing digital disruption! Following on from the pandemic and during a time of avid technological progress, digital disruption is top of mind for leaders across sectors and countries. The virtual event’s agenda was dotted with companies that inspired with their stories.

Quba’s own, Ajaz Ahmed BEM, delivered the keynote speech for “The North’s next-gen disruptors” panel. Drawing from experience, he discussed what constitutes a eureka moment, and the makings of a pioneer; from mastering the art of retail, to fostering a passion for storytelling. “It was nice to meet some great companies, some who have the potential to become the pioneers of tomorrow.” Ajaz said of the experience. 

The panel featured speakers from five companies, which have shown tremendous potential in their respective fields. Nikhil Seghal of Vastmindz, Naudia Salmon of WeDrifters, Gary Woodhead of Curveblock, Cameron Lee of Total Processing and Chriss Wyres of G20 Water Technologies each shared their company’s story and their thoughts on disruption.

For Quba, digital transformation is at the heart of our work. We strive to understand our clients’ businesses, identify how digital platforms can enable them to take their offering a step further and provide them with the tools to nurture their transformative spirit. Quba’s work with Ideal Standard, the UK’s largest plumbing manufacturer, is a great example of continuous digital transformation that follows technological evolution, as well as the evolution of the brand. 

As a web technology company based in the North of England, being part of the “Disruptors North” conference was a thought-provoking experience, at a time when disruption and digital innovation have taken a front seat for leadership teams globally. Do you have a disruptive idea you would like to discuss, or are you looking for the next step in your company’s digital transformation journey? Get in touch with our team. Contact us to discuss your thoughts in depth! 

Matt Jones

Marketing Director

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